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Vivianne Miedema collaborating with Specsavers


Vivianne Miedema will from now of be supported by Specsavers and in particular by Specsavers Hoogeveen. Specsavers is the branch in her birthplace. The partnership between Miedema and Specsavers Hoogeveen started in the run-up tot he Vivianne Miedema Football day, which was held in June at football club V.V. De Weide. The local company activated the partnership on a certain level: for children for whom it is not self-evident to play sports were exclusively invited by Specsavers Hoogeveen to come to the Vivianne Miedema Football Day and meet Vivianne.

The good contact between the two parties has led to a further partnership for the coming years.

Miedema: “For me it’s important to stay in touch with the place where i grew up. I therefore welcome activities on a local level . And of course it is also not unimportant that I do not have to worry about lenses and glasses in the coming years.”

Congratulations on this new collaboration, Vivianne!

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