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Sherida Spitse collaborates with NOCCO


The Swedish brand NOCCO has committed itself to Sherida Spitse. NOCCO is a functional and sugar-free drink produced by No Carbs Company. In Scandinavia, the brand is one of the leading brands in the functional (sports)food market. Spitse first came into contact with the products during her career in Norway.

NOCCO’s products are now available in more than thirty countries and the brand is also gaining popularity in the Netherlands. To add extra power to the promotion, NOCCO is starting a collaboration with Spitse.

Spitse: “I have become a fan of NOCCO in Norway and I really like the fact that this enthusiasm was the starting point for a collaboration with NOCCO Benelux. NOCCO has been supporting me for a while now, but from now on there is an official collaboration, which is extra nice.”

Congratulations to Sherida and NOCCO on this great collaboration!

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