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Everton coach Willie Kirk starts collaboration with FlowSports


Willie Kirk joins FlowSports which means from now on he collaborates with FlowSports. Kirk was appointed manager of Everton in December 2018. Before he joined Everton, Kirk was assistant coach at Manchester United and head coach at Bristol City.

Kirk: “I have worked in women’s football for a number of years now and I am very passionate about it. It is consistently growing, especially in England, where I have been working for over 3 years. I believe in joined up working to help reach your goals and that is why I am happy to start this collaboration with FlowSports.”

Blokhuis: “We know Willie already for years and experience mutual trust. Besides this, he is known as a very good coach in women’s football. That is the perfect start for our collaboration. We are looking forward as well!”

Welcome, Willie!

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