Leoni Blokhuis

About Leoni

Managing Director / Women’s Football Executive

From childhood Leoni could always be found on the football fields. There, her dream of working in football one day, has arisen. This turned out to be a hard challenge, in what was meant to be a men’s world (only). Because she was a woman, she was not welcome anywhere, that’s why she decided to start her own business: FlowSports was established.

Since April 2012 Leoni incorporates her great passion for football into her own company: FlowSports. She specialized within women’s football and accomplished the first paid transfer in women’s football in the Netherlands. She transferred Sherida Spitse from FC Twente to LSK in Norway. In 2015 Leoni attended the Women’s World Cup in Canada, where she was reporting for ‘Voetbal International’. In 2016 she was chosen as ‘Freelancer of the Year’. In the summer of 2017 she has put fifteen transfers on her name. Among which the transfers of Vivianne Miedema to Arsenal and Shanice van de Sanden to Olympique Lyon.

Leoni is regularly invited to visit television and radio shows to share her vision and her knowledge, which demonstrates the qualities and expertise of Leoni in women’s football.

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