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FlowSports is a professional management agency in women’s football. Due to the exceptional growth of women’s football, interests in many different levels are increasing. This requires the right abilities and knowledge. FlowSports takes care of all concerns so the players can focus on the one thing that counts: the performance on the field.

FlowSports is the guidance for professional football players, to achieve the best results. Firstly, this concerns the performance on the field, because football is always first priority. Contractual guidance is therefore a crucial part, but is not the only thing. On the one hand there is attention to the personal development, marketing, PR and sponsoring, but on the other hand the societal career during or after sport. For all aspects FlowSports strives for an absolute personally way of working.

FlowSports is pioneer in the Netherlands by stepping into women’s football. FlowSports has one very clear mission: to make the difference in women’s football. For her players and together with them. The experience throughout the years in the international women’s game, the expertise and the sincere commitment are deployed to help develop women’s football in general.

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