About FlowSports

FlowSports is a professional management agency in women’s football. FlowSports takes care of all concerns so the players can focus on the one thing that counts: the performance on the field. FlowSports is the guidance for professional football players, to achieve the best results. Firstly, this concerns the performance on the field, because football is always first priority. On the one hand there is attention to the personal development, marketing, PR and sponsoring, but on the other hand the societal career during or after sport. For all aspects FlowSports strives for an absolute personally way of working.

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  • Leoni Blokhuis Leoni is Managing Director and Women's Football Executive. Indoors Flowsports she is responsable for all concerings to fooball related aspects. This includes contract extensions and (international) transfers. Another daily activity of Leoni is her contacting players, clubs coaches and other related parties. This is the foundation for long-term relationships as well as an investment for a broad international social network. Read more about Leoni Blokhuis
  • Eefje Janus Eefje is Commercial & Marketing Executive within FlowSports. She carries out the commercial guidance and she gives advice in the field of Personal Branding, sponsorships and (social) media. Besides, Eefje takes care of all events regarding to FlowSports. Whether it be for the players, FlowSports itself or external parties. Read more about Eefje Janus
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Davinia Vanmechelen
Dominique Bloodworth
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Jeslynn Kuijpers
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Joe Montemurro
Joëlle Smits
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Contractual guide

FlowSports provides guidance from start to finish. Whether it concerns a contract extension, a national or international transfer. FlowSports carries it out step by step and always in cooperation with the player. The international network is highly valued, as is the support by Vissers Advocatuur concerning legal matters.

Personal guidance

Similar to a football club there is a warm and accommodating team spirit at FlowSports: familial, no nonsense, trust and the players are paramount. There is sincere commitment and attention. The guidance of FlowSports is experienced as absolutely personal, due to the unity with the players.

Career planning

Career planning is considered to be one of the most underestimated and major factors for defining a professional career. This includes both societal career as the football career. With the right guidance, every individual could walk the path to their personal top. That is where FlowSports comes in. Together, goals are identified and a realistic path is jointly plotted.

Commercial guidance

Expertise within the fields of marketing and media can be used for the commercial guidance of the football player. FlowSports is paying special attention to the personal branding of the players. FlowSports supports with the activation of sponsorships and gives advice for PR and (social) media.

Presentations & Events

FlowSports shares the expertise and experience to be the first entrepreneur in the Netherlands in women’s football on regular basis for groups. Besides this FlowSports organizes events and clinics commissioned by external organizations. The football players are sharing their enthusiasm and skills with people of all ages.


FlowSports is the connecting factor between both women’s football and business. There is very specific knowledge about the women’s game and experience in marketing. FlowSports gives advice to business organizations and football clubs related to marketing, communication and sponsoring.